Foreplay – the Appetizer or the Whole Damn Meal? 


Foreplay – the Appetizer or the Whole Damn Meal? 

The word foreplay - with "fore" meaning before, placed in front - suggests that this comes before primary play, or the main act, traditionally thought of as sexual intercourse. This pivotal and special piece of a couple’s sexual relationship does not have to just be an appetizer or a side dish that happens on the way to the final and...[ read more ]

F*ck Mom Guilt

by Penelope Hatter, LMFT F*CK MOM GUILT! I like to describe mom guilt as guilt on steroids. A guilt only moms feel and a guilt that is rooted deep in societal expectations, comparisons, and generational traumas. Mom guilt is a guilt so strong it often talks moms out of following a career of their dreams, engaging in self-care, letting their...[ read more ]

The Power of Acceptance: the good, the bad, the reality

Acceptance, what is it? If you are one of my clients, I am sure you have heard me talk about acceptance multiple times. I believe this is something we need to practice daily. It’s not easy and it often gets followed by great sadness and maybe even grief. But when we practice acceptance, we often are able to find peace....[ read more ]

“Wait…What Just Happened?”Parenting and the Hard Stuff that No One Talks About

Childbirth and becoming a parent can be a miraculous experience. It is often long awaited, something we may dream about since being kids ourselves. When we pee on the stick and see those exciting results, we can become over joyed and excited. Throughout pregnancy we have people in our lives checking in with us, we have a lot of doctor’s...[ read more ]

How to manage relationship conflict in a healthy way…& strengthen your bond

By Athen Fisher, LMFT, ICEEFT Certified Therapist, Owner of Love Story Therapy Whether it’s arguing about doing the dishes, finances or sex, conflict is a normal and unavoidable part of any long-term relationship.  And while conflict may not be pleasant at times, the way you and your partner manage conflict can actually strengthen the bonds of your relationship and increase...[ read more ]

Modern Love: Can We Have it All?

The concept of a monogamous long-term relationship wherein lies both commitment and passion, stability and excitement, responsibility and freedom, is a relatively new concept and ideal in these modern times.  Historically, marriage was based on more practical purposes, an economic and financial arrangement or used to create an alliance between two families, rather than for romantic love, passion, friendship and...[ read more ]

Burning it Down : Ambiguous Grief and Loss

Written by: Athen Fisher, MAS, LMFT While overseas in Italy studying abroad, just a couple weeks before Christmas and a week before the program ended, my sister and I got news that our family home caught fire due to a faulty chimney product.  It started in the attic and spread across the roofline and burned from the top down.  Fortunately,...[ read more ]

The Benefit of Premarital Therapy (Plus, 11 Questions You Should Discuss with Your Partner Before Marriage

Early in a relationship conversation and quality time together usually comes easy and flows, and there might be a natural quick connection and chemistry that pulls you in. It's hot and heavy.  It's a natural fit.  However amazing it feels, falling in love and initial infatuation in the beginning does not always prepare you for what is needed in order...[ read more ]

No, You Are Not the Only One

Am I alone in feeling this way? Am I the only one? Is it me against the world? Can anyone understand my thoughts and feelings? These are just a handful of the questions we have run through our minds when thinking about our symptoms, exploring treatment for mental health, or reaching out to a loved one for help. The answer...[ read more ]

Feel, Be Still and Know

I have been rereading parts of author Glennon Doyle’s newest book Untamed.  There are so many powerful nuggets in that book, but the concept resonating with me most right now are the two “Keys” to freedom she talks about.  Key number one: feel it all.  Key number two: be still and know.  It is powerful when we look inside ourselves...[ read more ]