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Meet Shannon Alley

I believe that every person should get to be the hero of their own story. Too often life gets in the way of this, and things like depression, anxiety, low self esteem, unhealthy relationships, poor boundaries and the daily stressors that we all deal with can make us feel like the tragic side character in a story we often forget we have a lot more control over than we realize.

My goal in therapy is to be a witness to whatever struggles you are going through and to walk with you through them, offering hope and an outside perspective along the way, helping you foster the insight needed to create lasting, positive change. Sometimes we just need an impartial, non-judgmental person to actively listen and understand what we’re going through, and that alone can be enough to ease our emotional burden. As a mother of young kids, I understand the pressures and difficulty of parenthood, as well as the unique struggles our children face as they engage in the hard work of growing up. It is my privilege and my pleasure to work with adolescents and adults in individual therapy as we endeavor to remove and minimize roadblocks to you becoming the main character of your own beautiful story.

I have worked with people of all ages and backgrounds, and I strive to create a safe and inclusive environment for every client that I have the privilege of serving. I’ve worked in outpatient and inpatient settings as well as having experience doing crisis evaluations in hospitals, but I have a special heart for working with teens, young people and new mothers, as these challenging stages of life present unique struggles that I have experienced and particularly enjoy helping people work through. I look forward to doing good work with you!

Services Offered

Therapy for Teens and Individual Therapy for Adults


  • License and State: LPC-14417 Arizona
  • BA in Psychology from Arizona State University (2005)
  • Master of Counseling from Arizona State University (2009)
  • Experience: Individual outpatient therapy (child and adult) at a community mental health centerand crisis evaluations in a hospital setting. I graduated with my Masters in 2009 and haveworked on and off since then, with several years of being a stay at home mom as well.